Спортивный комплекс Sõle 

Адрес: Sõle 40a, 10317 Tallinn
location Месторасположение на карте!

TTÜ Spordihoone

Адрес: Männiliiva tn 7
locationМесторасположение на карте!


Õismäe Sportmängude Hall

Адрес: Ehitajate tee 141
locationМесторасположение на карте!


Kristiine Spordimaja (Siili)

Адрес: Sõpruse pst 161
locationМесторасположение на карте!


Tiit Soku Korvpallikool

Адрес: Tervise 21
locationМесторасположение на карте!


Kristiine Spordihall (Forelli)

Адрес: Forelli 12, Tallinn
locationМесторасположение на карте!


Kalevi Spordihall

Адрес: Juhkentali 12
locationМесторасположение на карте!


1 week ago

Tallinn Nord Cup 2019

Let's have a little look to Tallinn Nord Cup 2018! 80+ judges, 180+ teams, 2500+ competitors!

In 2019, we have bigger plans than ever and we are ready to do our best!

Kind reminder - the registration is opened! 🏀
www.tallinnnordcup.eu/registreeri-voistkond/?lang=enTallinn Nord Cup 2018 is now history.
We had amazing three days and we thank you all who made it possible - players, coaches, volunteers, parents, referees, fans and everyone who was part of the tournament!!!

If you have any photos of the tournament, we would be really pleased if you share them with us as well! :)

Final results: www.tallinnnordcup.eu/tulemused/?lang=en
Gallery: www.tallinnnordcup.eu/galerii/?lang=en

#TallinnNordCup2018 #TallinnNordCup
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2 weeks ago

Tallinn Nord Cup 2019

The end of 2018 is the best time to look back on the past twelve months. It had its ups and downs, ins and outs, achievements and mistakes to learn from. Now it is time to create new goals and baskets for the next year and look further than previously! 🎉

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Tallinn Nord Cup 2019! #NordCup2019
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🎄Tallinn Nord Cup Team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the upcoming season! 🎄

We managed to put together our Christmas Bucket list for this year:
1. Make sure to watch all the episodes of ''Home Alone''
2. Bake gingerbreads
3. Don’t hold back on compliments - share them
4. Build a snowman
5. Take a picture with Santa Claus
6. Register your team to the Tallinn Nord Cup 2019! www.tallinnnordcup.eu/registreeri-voistkond/?lang=en

Feel free to share your thoughts and moments with us!
Happy Holidays! 🏀🎁
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We are pleased to announce that the registration page for the Tallinn Nord Cup 2019 is now open!

Game on! 🏀
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2 months ago

Tallinn Nord Cup 2019
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The U14 tournament “Tallinn Nord Cup 2017” to be held in Tallinn from 12th to 14th May 2017 has been approved as one of the ten supported FIBA Europe tournaments for the U14 age group.